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ECH Eurocom Handels GmbH offers delivery of equipment and products using delivery methods convenient for the Customer. Having our own storage facilities allows us to consolidate freight from multiple suppliers and deliver them as a complete set to the Customer, which reduces the transportation component of the Customer's cost of goods. Our handling equipment permits us provide logistical operations for large-size equipment. We will deliver equipment in the required amount, by any delivery method (by motor transport, air transport, train or ship).

We are always ready to offer you competitive prices through special pricing terms of our Germany-based company, providing complete deliveries of refrigeration, climate control, process and point of sale equipment components.

Having many years of experience, we can offer you optimal prices for direct deliveries of complete equipment packages and components for projects involving refrigeration, process, retail, air conditioning equipment, and other applications. Since we are a German company with long history, we have firm ties with equipment manufacturers and guarantee you technical support.