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Climate Control Equipment

Another line of business of ECH Eurocom Handels GmbH includes delivery of climate control equipment from various manufacturers. Chillers, humidifying and dehumidifying systems stand out among the whole range of the equipment.  Based on requirements of a project and your facilitys location, we can offer a custom solution, which will require discussion with the Customer at a professional level.

Since there are numerous manufacturers of chillers we are not listing specific factories on this page.

It is worth saying about humidifiers and dehumidifiers for creation of a climate in residential and public spaces.

Basing on individual approach to the requirements of the customers to the microclimate in a room, we are ready to propose a solution, which will considerably improve the quality of the air in it. The products of the world-known German company Luftbefeuchtung Proklima GmbH (Brune) will provide equal distribution of the processed and purified air on the professional level in offices, laboratories, museums, art galleries, music halls and depositories, clinics and medical centers, private houses and apartments.  Long-term experience of installation and operation prove high reliability, easy exploitation and maintenance of these devices and their importance of using in public and private spaces.

Manufacturers of high quality equipment for air humidifying and cleaning systems are listed below:

Luftbefeuchtung Proklima GmbH (Brune)

CUOGHI s.r.l.

The manufacturer of the industrial energy and climate control equipment on the basis of chemical absorption is: 

Shuangliang Eco-Energy Systems Co. Ltd.

We guarantee high quality and a long service life for all equipment that we supply.