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Refrigeration Compressors. Condensing Units

ECH Eurocom Handels GmbH offers a wide range of refrigeration compressors from the worlds leading manufacturers. The key principle of our work is to provide the highest quality products and services at every stage of working together with the customer, starting from consultations for equipment selection to warranty and post-warranty service.

Refrigeration Compressors. Condensing Units.

Besides the wide range of the produced refrigeration compressors our partners-manufacturers can offer ready-to-be-installed condensing units. You can order the ready condensing unit for equipping of your own project or for a replacement of the installed unit or a compressor in your refrigeration system. We are ready to help You with the selection of equipment for replacement or repair according to the factory data of a condensing unit or a compressor, namely type and serial number, which are usually indicated on the factory nameplate.

Spare Parts For Refrigeration Compressors.

We are competent in the delivery of spare parts for repair and maintenance of refrigeration compressors. Direct deliveries from the manufacturers allow us to help you quickly in case of an urgent repair and you are able to carry it out on your own, but you face with the problem of quick receiving of spare parts, being far away from the distributors centers (for example, in case of repair on a ship in a foreign port). We will help you to deliver the necessary spare part or any other component all over the world competently and in the shortest time. If you need to replace a refrigeration compressor or a condensing unit, delivery of spare parts or refrigeration processing equipment, we can organize the urgent delivery, including air freight, after agreement of all the details with You and on Your language.(*)

We deliver refrigeration compressors, condensing units, spare parts and related equipment from the following manufacturers:

Bitzer Kühlmaschinenbau GmbH

Frascold s.p.a. 


Emerson Climate Technologies 




Tecumseh S.A. 

N.V.Mayekawa Europe S.A. (Mycom) 

We guarantee high quality and a long service life for all equipment that we supply.

(*) Depending on the country, to which the refrigeration equipment and spare parts are delivered or where repair is being done, there can be some restrictions, imposed by the factory-manufacturers according to the distributor and service policy in different countries, and to interstate relations.