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Refrigeration Processing Equipment

ECH Eurocom Handels GmbH, together with world’s leading manufacturers offers basic refrigeration processing equipment that is widely used in the food processing industry:

- Plate freezers (A/S Dybvad Stâlindustri)

- Ice making machines (GEA Réfrigération France S.A.S. Geneglace Ice Technology Centre)

- Monobloc refrigeration units and split systems (Glen Dimplex Deutschland GmbH (Riedel)).

We are ready to provide you with detailed technical information on equipment we offer according to your needs.

You can obtain detailed information about a manufacturer and its products on that companys web site:

A/S Dybvad Stâlindustri

GEA Réfrigération France S.A.S. Geneglace Ice Technology Centre

Glen Dimplex Deutschland GmbH (Riedel)

We guarantee high quality and a long service life for all equipment that we supply.