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Heat Exchanging Equipment

ECH Eurocom Handels GmbH supplies heat exchangers from leading world manufacturers. A product supplier will be selected based on Customers requirements, with consideration of nuances of the refrigeration equipments operations, our professional experience, and an attitude of accountability for results.

Our experts will offer you multiple options for the optimal selection, and help you to make a carefully reasoned decision.

Our company provides all types of heat exchanging equipment:

Güntner GmbH & Co. KG. 

thermowave GmbH

basetec products & solutions GmbH 

Alfa Laval S.p.A. 

thermofin GmbH 

GEA Küba GmbH

GEA Heat Exchangers a.s. GEA Goedhart Systems

Heat Transfer Technology AG (BUCO) 

WTK s.r.l. 

Onda S.p.a. 

Consulting support for selection and installation of equipment is performed by highly qualified specialists with many years of work experience.

We guarantee high quality and a long service life for all equipment that we supply.