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ECH Eurocom Handels GmbH offers delivery of equipment and products using delivery methods convenient for the Customer. Having our own storage facilities allows us to consolidate freight from multiple suppliers and deliver them as a complete set to the Customer, which reduces the transportation component of the Customers cost of goods.

We are always ready to offer you competitive prices through special pricing terms of our Germany-based company, providing complete deliveries of refrigeration, climate control, process and rack systems.

Upon a Customers request, we can deliver freight into the EU from other countries within a very short time. Products and equipment will be imported according to the current tax laws, including preparation of all required documents.

Long-standing experience in delivering equipment to Russia and CIS countries allows ECH Eurocom Handels GmbH to offer consulting services.

Cooperation with European design companies; deliveries ranging from components to complete units; supervision of each stage of equipment assembly and installation, process automation (control panels designed and customized based on the Customers needs, monitoring and control of facilities via mobile telephones and Internet, real-time service support provided by the company).

ЕСН Eurocom Handels GmbH and its Russian partner Aircool Co.Ltd offer to develop projects cooperatively for banana ripening, including complete refrigeration and process equipment, and control algorithms based on their extensive and long-term industry experience.

Using extensive industry experience of its Russian partner, Aircool Co.Ltd., ЕСН Eurocom Handels GmbH offers joint services for equipping facilities requiring artificial ice (general-purpose arenas for hockey, short tracks, figure and public skating; curling tracks, mobile rinks, pavilions for ice sculptures).

The use of refrigeration in the processing and storage of foodstuffs is an integral factor for ensuring nutritional value of products and their compliance with sanitary and hygiene regulations.

Oil, gas and chemical industries are major consumers of artificial cold. On the basis of long-term experience of cooperation with the Russian partner Aircool Co. Ltd., the company ECH Eurocom Handels GmbH will help to select the proper refrigeration equipment according to the temperature conditions and required capacity of the refrigerating station.